Discordian Propaganda

An assortment of things inspired by The Goddess which don't fit anywhere else.

Tragically, much of this has been shed over the years. So sad.

But can you still find REAL, ULTIMATE POWER?

Unreal Tournament 2004 Maps

Shafted—"The eternal techno-glowy shaft of perpetual energy has to be one of the most perilous locations in which Liandri forces competitors to fight. Suffering disorientation from being translocated into a giant, ozone-filled chamber is quite understandable, but you'd best find your footing swiftly if you are to survive long."
Gravometric—"Someone used too many Leviathan blasts, and now gravity is all screwed up. Oops." The AI do impressively well at understanding this one, even if they get caught in the metacube sometimes.

The crazy experimental stuff's fallen off of UnrealWiki. Alas!

TODO: maybe SupComm maps should go here, y'know.

A Ponderation Upon The My┼┐tery of the Hot Dogs

Q: Why do hot dogs come in packs of ten, but rolls in packs of eight?

A: Thuds often forget that on Friday, a Discordian eats hot dogs without the buns, for this is what Eris subsisted upon when confronted with the Original Snub. A long history of Discordian/Illuminati ties has lead to control of the hot dog products market, so the makers of these two crucial food items now abide by this rule by providing two hot dogs and two buns for every day of the working week, except for Friday, on which you may eat only the hot dogs.