Chaos - Erisian Cakes Society

Call to Action

People of ECS, hear me! Our time is now! Sponge will rise! Cupcakes shall strike without warning! A mighty force of fruitcake shall descend upon the unwilling when they least expect it! WE ARE THE FIRST MARZIPAN DIVISION OF HER MOST HOLY BAKERY, AND WE ARE UNREADY AND WILLING TO LAY DOWN OUR GREASEPROOF PAPER IN THE NAME OF CULINARY FREEDOM FROM THE CURSE OF GREYFACE.

The revolution will be decisive; it will be disorganised; and it will be tasty.


—Pope Boolean Lion,
Commander in Chef, Erisian Cakes Society
Sweetmorn, Confusion 40, 3174 YOLD

The Baked Manifesto

Hey, listen! Universally throughout University we observe intellectual stagnation, as the tendrils of so-called professional respectability grasp onto free-thinkers and drag them below the waves of rational thought to the murky depths of consistent mediocrity.

The Erisian Cakes Society is a guerrilla movement to surprise and disorient greyfaces throughout academia through the medium of baked goods.



Recruitment Propaganda

Joining the Erisian Cakes Society is easy: declare yourself a member, and surprise someone with sweet, sweet baked goods. It is essential to our decentralised nature that we can never be sure who is working toward our lightly-frosted goals, so to guarantee that we are not aware of your membership, please send a Formal Notification of Revoked Declaration to your local government representative.

Only authorised and genuine popes may be members of the Erisian Cakes Society.