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Welcome to LionsPhil's Stuff

Hello there. This is the personal website of Dr. Philip "LionsPhil" Boulain, where you can find a variety of academic distractions, free software, discordian ramblings, and general stuff.

I'm a PhD graduate from the University of Southampton's IAM group, a Site Reliability Engineer, and generally a tinkerer. Ever the optimist, I keep trying to make computers somehow useful.

Humorous seriousness

Open Semantic Hyperwikis, my PhD thesis; and its research project, Open Weerkat. My research area was looking at the development of the web, and how we can apply the decades of past hypertext research still not yet realised to help improve it. I focused on semantic wikis, and how they can be evolved into full open hypermedia systems.

Serious humorousness

I am a card-carrying Discordian, so here one may find chaos.

As part of my ongoing mission to seek out uses for technology, I sometimes write free software.

I don't blog here or anything, but there's some external social sites in the header up there.

You found a fnord! Careful it doesn't eat you.